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Is He/She Cheating Signs,

Before you can catch a cheating husband or wife you have to have at least some idea that there is something wrong.  There are many ways to tell if your spouse is cheating.  When men and women are unfaithful their behaviour changes, this behavior can be spotted if you know what to look for.  Cheating can be separated into a few key areas.
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Day to day behavior:

The first sign that tells you that your spouse is cheating is when day-to-day behavior changes.  They may lose interest in activities at home, or they may suddenly start working a lot more overtime.  If you question these changes they may become evasive or refuse discuss it with you.  Their evasiveness to discuss the situation is a red flag that something is wrong.

Their explanation for a change in day-to-day behavior may be untrue.  If so, it can be assumed that your spouse has something to hide and may be cheating.  If he/she is hiding an affair, he/she knows that telling you of their infidelity will damage your marriage and may result in divorce.

Computer use:

Computers have revolutionized our society, and they have made it very easy for us to meet each other without having to leave our homes.  There are several prominent indicators of a spouse cheating by using the computer.  Your spouse will spend most of their free time on the computer.  They will often use the computer late into the night while you are sleeping.  If you look to see what they are doing online, they may quickly move from one screen to another, to keep you from seeing what websites or chat rooms they are visiting.  Your spouse will often use the computer with the door closed or seem to position themselves so only they an see the screen.  Sometimes you can tell if your spouse is cheating by reading email messages.

Phones and pagers:

When someone wants to cheat, there are numerous devices to help them.  Cell phones and pagers provide freedom for infidelity.  Cell phones and pagers allow mobility and secrecy for cheaters.  They can be used far away from home, and they are widely used by millions of people.  A cheater can arrange a meeting with someone in public without drawing attention to their behavior.  Phone calling cards provide an easy method to call someone, and the cheating spouse doesn’t need to have money for the call.  If your spouse receives calls at strange hours of the day or you pick up the phone only to have them hang up it could be an indication of cheating.  Checking phone messages and unfamiliar phone numbers may tell you that your spouse is cheating. to catch a cheat


Cheating spouses refuse to be accountable for their infidelity.  They may ask you about your activities when away from home, but they won’t discuss their own.  You may start catching him/her lying, and he/she responds by immediately becoming defensive.  Also, they may “blame the victim” and accuse you of not trusting them.  If the cheater begins to spend less time with the family and is away from home often, they may refuse to discuss why they are distancing themselves from you or the children.  Excessive or unexplained absences from home are another way to tell if your spouse is cheating. It is relatively easy to tell if your spouse is cheating.  All the faithful spouse needs to do is utilize common sense and not engage in denial.  If someone is demonstrating the above behaviors, it is  likely that they are cheating.

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